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Tree Surgery

Shaw Tree Services provides clients with a team of fully trained, professional tree surgeons. Our experts are available to reduce the height and the spread of trees that have grown too big for their surroundings. This service involves reducing parts of the tree whilst still retaining the tree's overall aesthetic.
This service is beneficial to the general health of the tree.
The removal of large branches, reduces the weight on the tree trunk, relieving pressure on roots and the soil. This makes the tree safer and reduces the risk of the plant being blown over in bad weather.

Our Tree Surgery Service

Our team of highly trained professional tree surgeons are available for:

Domestic/Residential Tree Surgery

Commercial Tree Surgery

Industrial Tree Surgery

Our team of tree surgeons only use the very best equipment and prioritise absolute safety at all times.
We improve the overall aesthetic of an overgrown tree making it fit and better and complement its surrounds. As such we’re particularly popular with bars and restaurants with outdoor seating.

Tree Surgeon Service

To have us improve the overall aesthetic of the tree on your property, get in contact with Shaw Tree Services today.

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