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For all your Tree Felling needs, get in contact with Shaw Tree Services today.

Tree Felling

Shaw Tree Services provides clients with professional Tree Feeling services. Nuisance trees can spoil a view, ruin a garden or even pose a danger to the general public. It can be dangerous for untrained individuals to cut down a tree. That’s why Shaw Tree Services provides clients with a team of professionally trained tree felling experts.
Using state of the art modern equipment and specialised techniques we safely bring down the tree one section at a time. Our service involves cutting the tree into small manageable chunks.
This tidy method of tree removal is completely safe and extremely fast and effective. We also remove all organic material from the client's premises.

Our Tree Felling

Our professional tree felling service is available to domestic clients, commercial clients and industrial clients. Our service can travel to all kinds of premises and remove problem trees. Along with removing the tree, we can also remove both the above ground tree stump and the below-ground tree roots.
We use cranes to remove parts of the tree one segment at a time. This method ensures the absolute safety of our team and the general public, is maintained at all times. 

Tree felling

For more information on our range of professional services, get in contact with Shaw Tree Services today

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