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To have our team of experts remove a dangerous tree from your property, get in contact with Shaw Tree Services today.

Dangerous Tree Removal

Shaw Tree Services provides a professional tree removal service to domestic, agricultural, industrial and commercial clients.
The best way to prevent damage from a falling tree is to have the dangerous tree professionally removed.
Using a range of specialist equipment we quickly and safely remove dangerous trees. Our methods involve the use of cranes where we cut the tree into small manageable chunks that we then, either grind into sawdust or completely remove from the client’s property.

The Importance of Removing Dangerous Trees

Older or overhanging trees on properties and on roadsides pose a significant risk to the general public and to property. In times of bad weather like storms or strong winds, these trees can potentially cause fatal accidents.
Broken branches from old or dead trees can also get swept up in winds and the debris can cause significant damage to motor vehicles, homes, businesses or industrial properties. Our team of tree experts can identify potentially dangerous trees on a client’s property and recommend either tree surgery or a full tree removal.

Dangerous Tree Removal

To have a dangerous tree removed from your property, get in contact with Shaw Tree Services today.

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