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To have a problem stump removed from your property, get in contact with Shaw Tree Services today.

Stump Removal

Shaw Tree Services provides clients with a professional tree stump removal service. Our team of tree stump removal experts use state of the art equipment to quickly and effectively remove even nuisance tree stumps. Unlike landscapers and gardeners, our service doesn’t just remove the parts of the stump that are visible; we go deep underground, to remove all the trees roots.
Tree roots can spread all over a garden or green area and can become a problem for other plants.
Our convenient service also removes all organic material from the client’s property and fills in any holes created during the removal of the tree roots.

Our Stump removal Service

We provide clients with a comprehensive tree stump removal service. We are available for the removal of tree stumps on domestic, industrial, agricultural and commercial properties.
Old tree stumps can cause significant problems on agricultural land. They can get in the way of agricultural vehicles and use up valuable space on a crop field or on grazing land. Our professional service quickly and effectively removes all parts of the tree stump including the roots.

Stump Removal

For more information on our tree stump removal processes. Get in contact with Shaw Tree Services today.

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