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For building contracting clients we’re available to remove trees from building sites.

Site Clearance

Shaw Tree Services provides clients with a range of site clearance services that involves the removal of trees from building sites. This service removes trees, stumps and large underground roots.
This service is offered to building contractors who need a site completely cleared before the ground flattening procedures begin. Our tree removal experts use state of the art tree felling equipment to safely remove the tree and grind up the organic material for easy disposal.

Professional Site Clearance

Trees that aren’t properly removed from a building site can cause significant delays to a building project. Old trees are known to have extremely large roots that can stop the site ground from being flattened effectively. Tree roots can also cause significant delays to the digging of a foundation.
Shaw Tree Services's team of professional tree felling experts don’t just remove the parts of the tree that are visible, our team goes deep into the ground to remove the trees underground roots.
For the convenience of our clients, we also grind up all the organic waste for easy removal or for use on the building site.


For more information on our professional tree felling, site clearance service, get in contact with Shaw Tree Services today.

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